Elements of Online Marketing with ValueMags

ValueMags is one of the very few companies in the United States that distributes and markets magazines for publishers. the company is known for their various unique online marketing techniques and strategies they implement for their clients. Among many are search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) are the organic search results that everyone sees when they go onto a search engine, likely Google. Search engine marketing is that advertisements that can be found above the organic results and to the right of the results, again likely on Google.

It is important for other agencies similar to ValueMags to understand that Google has a layer of intent. The search engine knows you and knows your every move based on cookies that were placed in your browser. As a result, when you go to search for something on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines, the search results are explicit to the key word you are looking up, but also explicit to the profile Google has put together for you.

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How do you get around this?

Simple. ValueMags highly encourages people to clear their cookies and change web browsers. Cookies are meta tags that track where you go when you go to a website. The cookies are more often than not not asking for your approval therefore you don’t even know you are being tracked. The best way to avoid it is to clear your browser history and cookies. By changing browsers, the cookies cannot transfer. For example, if you are a user from Chrome and you go and use Firefox, the browsers cannot transfer the cookies. The search engine and websites you go visit will have to develop a whole new profile around you and your activity.

For more information about ValueMags and their marketing strategies or to better understand what search engine optimization and search engine marketing are, visit the link above.

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