Gym Gimmicks: The Prowler

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For an efficient lower-body exercise with a severe dose of conditioning, it’s arduous to beat the traditional sled. Unless, in fact, you’ve acquired a prowler at your health club. This very explicit piece of apparatus is much like the sled—the truth is, it’s a kind of sled—that’s distinguished by having three factors of contact with the bottom somewhat than two lengthy skis. It will be pushed or pulled (by clipping a suspension coach or rope to the tip) and gives a number of grips, together with lengthy upright handles and a low T-bar. 

“The prowler is used mainly to train the legs in a pushing and pulling fashion,” says Brandon Smitely, a former aggressive powerlifter and the co-owner of THIRST health club in Terre Haute, IN. “You’ll see it used a lot for developing conditioning and power with athletics, but it has its uses for the average gym goer as well.” Another advantage of the sled is you could load it with heavy weight, and use this as a option to overload your complete physique with much less threat of damage in comparison with deadlifts and squats. In different phrases: your physique will work very arduous to maneuver heavy iron, however able that received’t pressure your joints or again as a lot.

Part of its attraction is its versatility. With the excessive and low handles, you’ve acquired a number of angles of assault. And the three-ski development permits for extra environment friendly turns, particularly when greedy the T-bar. 

“This is the ultimate conditioning tool. There’s a reason the term ‘prowler flu’ exists,” Smitely says, referring to the time period for overexertion on the prowler resulting in nausea, vomiting, and fainting. “A couple of heavy 50-yard sprints or max effort 15-yard pulls will have you on the floor. The nice thing, though, is that the contractions are concentric only, meaning you’re only exerting force forward and there’s no lowering phase. This means you’ll have minimal soreness, as a vast majority of soreness comes from the eccentric muscle action of contractions,” he provides.




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No Prowler? No Problem.

If you do not have a prowler in your health club, you possibly can nonetheless simulate a typical prowler exercise. To approximate pushing the low bar, Smitely suggests pushing a 45-pound plate on the ground. (If you’re on a hardwood ground, place the plate on a towel.) Get low, preserve your again flat, and drive via your legs. To simulate pushing the excessive bars, seize a plyo field, ideally on turf, and provides it a shove. To make it tougher, stack a pair weights on high. 

If you’re actually at a loss, Smitely notes that different instruments just like the Concept 2 Rower, Ski Erg, and Air Bike are additionally nice choices for hardcore conditioning. “But when you use a prowler, it’s just its own breed of hell.”



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