Rimac’s 1,224HP Concept One Delivers a Megawatt of Power When Accelerating

When you assume of nations that construct hypercars, Croatia may not be amongst them, but that’s exactly from the place the Rimac Concept One hails. This all-electric missile options 4 motors, one per wheel, that mix for a staggering 1,224 horsepower, propelling the attractive and smooth four,000-pound coupe from zero to 60 in below 2.5 seconds. It will take you longer to learn this paragraph than for the Rimac to go from zero to 186 mph (it does the deed in 14 seconds), and it tops out at a staggering 221 mph. A mere eight had been made, and one’s up on the market at Manhattan Motorcars.

The plug-in hypercar churns out a whopping megawatt of energy below acceleration, affording greater than 1,180 lb-ft of torque. Underpinned by a carbon-fiber monocoque for security and rigidity, the attractive exterior was purposefully crafted for max aerodynamic effectivity and efficiency. Those mono-block 20-inch wheels are every related to a separate motor, which may help with regenerative braking so as to add vary again into the automotive, a separate inverter and a separate transmission. This system permits Rimac to make use of an progressive and responsive all-wheel torque vectoring system.

Michael Lumentut (Instagram @R.ego)

“I wanted to make a sports car that’s electric, to make things that weren’t possible with a traditional combustion engine set up,” Rimac founder Mate Rimac tells Men’s Journal. “This four motor system lets us adjust everything in each individual wheel, on the fly, infinitely.”

The automotive can shift torque and energy to or from any wheel, inside milliseconds, relying on the way you’re driving. While the system is succesful of processing greater than 100 inputs per second, Rimac and his workforce in the end determined that greater than 100 wasn’t vital.

Michael Lumentut (Instagram @R.ego)

“There’s a virtual car running in the vehicle’s computer,” Rimac explains, “and it’s got all the mathematical models of the tires, the suspension, the aerodynamics. It’s monitoring everything live, from speed, g-forces, yaw, steering input, and more, and based on all of these factors, the computer generates can predict what the car is capable of, where the limits are, and the direct torque accordingly.”

Unlike a conventional combustion engine automobile, the Rimac can management the wheel in two instructions, accelerating or braking, and “one wheel can have negative torque while the other three are accelerating,” Rimac says, including that all the pieces can reverse sooner than you possibly can blink.

I needed to make a sports activities automotive that’s electrical, to make issues that weren’t doable with a conventional combustion engine arrange.

This system permits you to modify the facility cut up any method you would like, with a bias to the rear, or as a rear-wheel-drive solely, or a front-wheel-drive, or all wheels pushed and something in between.

“If you want to do big drifts, you can set it up for oversteer,” Rimac explains, “or you can set it up neutral to give you the cleanest handling through any corner. Or you can set it to understeer for the inexperienced drivers.”

Rimac Concept OneMichael Lumentut (Instagram @R.ego)

However you like to drive it, the Rimac Concept One’s cockpit will invariably make all the pieces really feel sooner, given the low seating place, close to the middle of gravity of the automobile. The cocoon is drenched in bespoke leather-based and Alcantara, with heart console controls machined from stable metallic blocks. Everything is absurdly effectively thought out and driver-focused, with the purpose being an unparalleled feeling behind the wheel.

Rimac Concept OneMichael Lumentut (Instagram @R.ego)

The better part? The Concept One will solely get faster. “We can update the system over-the-air to increase power and other systems,” Rimac says. When the Concept One launched, it had 1,088 horsepower, and that leap as much as 1,224 occurred quietly through one of these updates. Imagine waking as much as uncover that your automotive simply gained 136 horsepower in a single day?

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